Updating squeezecenter on readynas duo Free live adult video chat sites like sexroulette

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Updating squeezecenter on readynas duo

Many, many thanks for reading this far, and in the hope of a solution... The first thing you might want to try is to do a "soft reset", reinstalling the firmware from flash. If you see the LED flash a 2nd time, turn off the power immediately from the back. I did the "soft reset" and saw messages on the screen saying that it was reinstalling the firmware.

You will not lose any data if you follow the instructions below (pasted from the readynas FAQ). The firmware installation will begin from that point. You admin password will reset to 'infrant1' (v3.01) or 'netgear1' (v4.0 ). I can now see it properly in RAIDar (which shows it as an NV and says that it's on v 4.1.4 of the firmware).

I've done it myself when I had problem with blank Frontview screen etc. You can force a re-installation of the firmware from flash to the disk. However, frontview is still blank I also still can't reach any of my mapped shares, Twonky or Squeezecentre. stupid question probably, but: Have you completely closed the browser window with your frontview screen and re-opened it using the setup botton on frontview ??

This is helpful if you have lost your admin password and want to set it back to default, if errors in your network settings has made it impossible to connect to the Ready NAS, or if you suspect that the operating system on your disk may somehow be corrupt. If its not that, it must be something related to squeezecenter, because of raidar recognises it and the firmware verison shows up, that would suggest that the firmware install is now ok.

The only things I've done to it are upgrade to RAIDiator 4.1.4, install Twonky (v 4.4.11 - I think, but can't check now!I've also tried a different browser (IE vs Firefox) and a different PC! There is a root-access module available from Netgear (in the same place as the SC database clean).Is there any way to force the Ready NAS to boot up with no services except HTTP running? If you can get this to work you can connect using SSH and try to recover the NAS (or at least your data).Can anyone offer any advice about what I can do to try and recover?As is fairly predictable at this point, I'm currently cursing the fact that when my external HDD broke a couple of months back I never got round to buying a new one, and hence have no backup for the music on there other than the original CDs, which I really don't fancy ripping again, so any suggestions which don't involve wiping the whole array would be particularly appreciated! Get a straightened paper clip and depress the hidden switch in the pinhole while the power is off, and then power on the Ready NAS, keeping the switch depressed for about 5 secs. You will see the drive LEDs in the front blink once. Do not wait for the 2nd blink which will cause the Ready NAS to reset itself to factory default and wiping out your data.

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