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Singlebörse kostenfrei 

Plane hierbei viel Zeit ein und versuche stets authentisch zu bleiben.

And now there are guaranteed TCA-free natural corks: Amorim have introduced the NDtech, where each cork is checked for TCA by a rapid GC-MS process.

[This is my opinion, and others may disagree: all I will say is that wines taste different when aged under closures with different levels of oxygen transmission, and the differences are evident quite soon.] For a long time, the whole screwcap/cork debate was almost religious in its fervour in Australia and New Zealand.

From listening to the discussion over here I’m in NZ now), you’d think that any wine sealed with cork was ruined and that anyone choosing to use cork was an idiot.

I found the first NDtech in a bottle I recently opened.

It’s an expensive option, but for fine wines it’s worth the extra.

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