Pretty little liars 2x26 online dating

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Pretty little liars 2x26 online dating

Erica smirked and then revealed she had just agreed to become the new Head of Cardiothorcic Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital.

On her first day, Erica acquired the nickname "the new Burke" and met the handsome duo Derek and Mark, who had a gentlemen's evening planned with the Chief.

When her patient, who turned out to be allergic to general anesthetia, required a risky open heart surgery, Richard called her in to talk through the surgery that Cristina had suggested to work around the patient's allergy.

Hahn figured out the other male attendings didn't have to do this prior to a risky surgery and she called out Richard for being sexist, including the fact that female attendings weren't invited to his gentlemen's evening.

Because the big green blobs that I had been staring at my whole life, they weren't big green blobs. She previously worked at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital and attended Johns Hopkins Medical School where she started a fierce rivalry with Preston Burke.

They really had fun and Erica outdrank Callie and beat her at darts, which made them agree to be on a first-name basis.

They went out together multiple times after that and hung out together frequently, building a true friendship.

One time it got so late that they came into the hospital the next morning straight from the bar.

Due to being busy, Hahn failed to check the grafts of one of her patients, which resulted in a complication.

Erica really beat herself up over it and Mark remarked she was as unkind to herself as she was to others.

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Callie realized she needed a friend and joined them.

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