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Easterling pattern dating

When I was in China in 1987, I visited Shenzen, famous as Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping’s most visible commitment to the ‘open door policy.’ When I visited it, Shenzen was still a fishing village, overshadowed by a vast, muddy, construction site. Where once geography constrained flows to the contours of places, now the ‘virtual geography’ of comms infrastructure warps that geography of places to that of flows.Or: in a language I have used for this: the second nature of build form is subsumed into a third nature of standardized mediation.For more options including pattern type, date order and to include time select the Advanced options checkbox.As a kid I was always fascinated by my father’s work as an architect.Following Armand Mattelart’s call for a critical history of global infrastructure, Easterling offers three case studies in new forms of built-out power, and some remarkably productive language for thinking about the kinds of built space that might be replacing those of both architecture and politics.Easterling: “Buildings are no longer singularly crafted enclosures, uniquely imagined by an architect, but reproducible products…” (11) Not only buildings and office parks, but whole cities are now constructed according to the formulae of infrastructural technology.

The brand-name architect just build useless luxury housing for the 1% and their trinkets.

He used to take me to building sites and explain what was going on.

But I was particularly interested in how he made the plans.

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The actual design of the world is now in the hands of other people.