Datingsteroids com

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Datingsteroids com

I have told him about the problems steroids cause, but he doesn't think it will happen to him. Dear Reader, Anabolic steroids, also known as 'roids, rocket fuel, and juice, are drugs that mimic male hormones (e.g., testosterone) and enhance those hormones' ability to build tissue.

I have seen no negative signs of this but I have read about them and I am worried that extended use of this drug will lead to serious problems, emotional and physical.

If he can relate a current or recent problem to steroids, he might take heed of your advice.

I named this one I would recommend therapy for you. The Financial Times and its journalism are subject to a self-regulation datinb under the. It made me wonder if about dating someone one steroids. I don't know any of the personalities on the site.

Long-term and/or high-dose use of anabolic steroids can lead to liver and kidney damage, high blood pressure, changes in blood cholesterol, and increased risk of heart attack and stroke — even in young people.

There may also be risks inherent in how your boyfriend gets the steroids and how they are taken.

Though steroids are appropriate to use when prescribed for specific health conditions, some people use (including athletes) steroids to gain weight and to increase their strength, power, speed, endurance, and/or aggressiveness.

Steroid use has also become popular as a way to improve one's appearance.

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